GIMM Incorporated developed the MIIN–AER System (Patents Pending). The MIIN–AER System is a unique multi-stage process that optimizes energy through the use of natural gases in the air. We begin with the AER Supply which can be any gas (Nitrogen, or simply air). The air flows into the Volume Controls and is held by the Control Valves until signaled to flow out. The amount of air that flows from the Volume Control is determined by the Control Computer based on temperature monitors TM1, TM2 and TM3. If there is a temperature differential between the output TM3 and the input TM1 air will flow through the Energy Recovery Unit or via the Bypass Volume Control.The AER temperature and volume at the output (TM3) of the Energy Recovery Unit is higher than the input TM1.

The output from the Energy Recovery Unit and Bypass Volume Control flows to the Mixer. The AER from the Energy Recovery Unit is combined with the flow from the Bypass Volume Control. The AER is combined to optimize the efficiency of the MIIN–AER System. The AER is ionized and the temperature is measured at TM4 (*). The ionization process prevents boundary layers and maximizes air flow and efficiency throughout the system.

The Control Computer monitors the temperature, airflow, and pressure of the system and fine tunes the various components to ensure maximum efficiency and energy recovery.